My SDHC 64GB survived month+ in the sink of a bathub!!

Hello all, just want to share an amazing story that just happend to me.

Today i opened a blockage in my bathtub, when i looked into the hole i saw a golden thing… took it out and walla! my missing mini SDHC card that was missing for a month+. I have no clue how it got into there… it was a bit greenish but I dried it a bit and said to myself, ack i know its waterproof but will it be THAT waterproof?! well i plugged it into my laptop and…WORKS!!! like a charm, all my videos/music in there + it works pretty fast.  

amazing product… I have no idea how it survived month+ of water/soap/shampoo…


Nothin’ like clean living! :smileyvery-happy:

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