My Sansa Fuze will work now but now how do i upload videos/photos without SMC??

For some reason i cant download sansa media converter, im using a MAC OSX 10.3.9, is there another converter out there i can use? (i can upload music just fine) thanks for anyones replies.

p.s. i care more about the photos

You can just click and drag pictures (I suggest that they are jpegs)

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SMC is, unfortunately, only for Windows.

As, gabe said, you can just drag photos (jpg) to the Fuze.  The only catch is that there is a size limit.  Nobody seems to be quite sure if the limit is related to file size, resolution or both.  So if you drag a jpg to the Fuze and it won’t display, try resizing it to a lower resolution and it will probably work.

yeah i just found that out about the size of the photo, because i was using jpegs but i didnt know why it wasnt working so i resized it then it worked. so now can someone tell me what about the videos? i tried dragging like minute long AVIs and MPEG-4s but it still wouldnt work any ideas anyone??