My Sansa Clip Red2 Gb is not recognised anymore.

Working under Windows XP it was at first recognised, I could put and take music and recordings. Then it becomed to be recognised by Windows Media Player only. I put a few songs, whilst I could not take recordings anymore. But after that it does not work anymore, when starting a message appears indicating that there is no memory for music DB and asking for freeing 4 Mb, but imediately shutting off.
It appears as a drive on the computer but when trying to access it a message indicates “not formated” and the only available options are to format it or quit. I do not know if I can format it and install a new software.

Apparently your filesystem on the player got corrupted somehow.

You can format the player yourself.  Unplug the device. Power it up and  Navigate to Settings>Format>yes.

The device will format itself.

Reconnect the player to the PC and transfer your songs again.

Message Edited by sansafix on 01-09-2008 08:53 AM