Multiple iXpand Flash Drives Gos Stopped Transferring Vid & Photo Properly On Same Day

Today all of my iXpand Flash Drives Gos stopped properly transferring video and photo from my iPhone to laptop.

Instead of the files being normal photo and video - the photos are seemingly changing to HEIC files. The videos still show MOV file yet it’s sound only no video.

I have 3 different iXpand Flash Drives Gos. Each is used separately for their own iPhone.

Today inexplicably none of them are properly transferring the photos and videos. Yesterday they were all working fine.

Two of the three iPhone are up to date on latest iOS so that seems to rule out iPhone update causing the problem.

CoincidentallyI reset my laptop last night yet I checked a second laptop so I doubt the laptop reset caused this if the same problem is occurring on another laptop.

Both laptops are Windows 10.

Is it the laptops causing the problems? Is it Windows causing the problems?
Is it iPhone causing the problem?
Or is it the iXpand Flash Drives Gos causing the problems?

Trying to problem solving this cut into hours of work today. Awful.

I’m cross posting on SanDisk and MacRumours forums to see if we can find a solution.

Thank you.