MP3 Gain issue

I have been using MP3Gain for some time to increase volume on low-volume tracks ripped from CDs (mostly recorded books).  It has worked fine until recently.  On most recent use, I find that volume is low on most MP3Gain’ed tracks when they start.  It stays low if I do nothing, but resets to desired volume if I restart the track.  Am using Media Monkey to rip CDs, set to 128K MP3 output for input to MP3Gain. In MP3Gain, target volume is 89 db.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any ideas on causes/cures?

No issue here, with CDex to rip the music to 192-320 VBR and MP3Gain set to 95 db …

95dB is a little high, you will defintely cause most songs to clip.  It may not be too audible, so if you don’t notice any distortion it probably doesn’t matter.

I use 92dB and enable the “automatically prevent clipping” option.  I’ve found that to be the best compromise bosting the level, preventing clipping and still getting an even volume between tracks.

Pretty much anything over 90dB will cause some songs to clip.  So the higher you go, the more you either have to accept clipping or accept uneven levels between songs.

Thanks.  I experimented with db rates when I first installed MP3Gain and 95 db was a happy medium for me.  I don’t detect any clipping or distortion with it, with my music.