"Mobile network is not available" error

I installed the Sandisk Memory Zone app on my Droid 3 and added Google Docs as an online storage location.  I can download from Google Docs just fine but I cannot upload ANYTHING from either my internal memory or phone storage without encountering the error "“Mobile network is not available” even though I have a very strong 3G signal and DO NOT have Wi-Fi enabled.

Am I missing something?



Please ensure you have the latest version of Memory Zone which is 1.1.16. If you already have 1.1.16, then try over a Wi-Fi connection.

Check for the memory space needed to run the application or the application changed the memory in write protected mode. other wise some bug may be there, and  look for new version of application.

I got a similar error when trying to login to Dropbox.  The message said something like, Wifi not available.

Only trouble is that I have a netbook with an ethernet connection, so I am connected to the internet.  Why is memory zone only checking for wifi connections and not ALL possible connections?