Micro SD Movie Playback Problems

Why do movies played from my 64gb MicroSDXC card stop playing?  After a few seconds to a minute, this error message comes up:  ! (the exclamation point is inside of a triangle) Cannot play video   (next line) Sorry this video cannot be played".  I then have to hit the OK button just under this message and it exits out of the movie. 

This problem happens when the movie on the microSD card is being played on both my Galaxy Note II and directly from the SD adapter to my laptop (so I know it’s not an issue exclusive to my phone).  I even “dumbed down” the resolution from 1080p just in case it was a data transfer speed issue.  That didn’t help, but at least the movies only take up 1/3 the space that they did before and I don’t really notice a resolution difference on the Note II.  From what I’ve read on other forums it sounds like even class 6 cards don’t have problems with movies in HD resolution, so I would think that a Sandisk Class 10 card should not have this issue.  Per instructions from a SanDisk rep troubleshooting this problem on the phone a few weeks ago, I returned the first card and and received a new one, but I’m still having the same exact issues with this one.  I even tried switching to a FAT32 format, but since that didn’t work I switched back to the native exFAT32. 

I’ve run out of options with my limited computer knowledge, so any suggestions would be GREATLY APRECIATED!