micro sd 16 GB SDHC problem, mp3 music not visible on card after successful download

i apologise for the type errors on my previous posting, it should read:

I downloaded mp3 music on my micro sd 16 GB SDHC, from 10 to 15 gig, it takes more than 45 min or more, after the download my PC tells me that the correct amount of memory has been used on the micro sd 16 GB SDHC card but neither my PC or mp3 player see the music files, it is as if the files are there because they do take up the memory space but are invisible to PC & mp3 player and can not be used or played, I successfully formatted the card at least twice and reinstalled the mp3 files after deleting them at least 4 times, always the same results,  if anyone can help, please help me.

Thank and have a good day,