Message ID: DM 124

While attempting to transfer an audio book from PC to SF, it seems to work at first but then gives the following message:

"Your portable player is working on another request, please allow it to complete its current task and select transfer to portable again.

Message ID: DM 124"

What request? I did not initiate anything else that I’m aware of. Removed a Trojan this morning. Am wondering if its damage might be to blame.

I just want to download the %#$! book. Any ideas?

Are you downloading it via Overdrive or Audible  & MTP mode? Or is it a book on CD’s that you have ripped to .mp3 format? If it’s not DRM-crippled and is in .mp3 format, you could try changing the USB mode on your player to MSC and dragging & dropping it to your player.