Memory iXpand Flash Drive Go

So I bought an iXpand Flash Drive Go to transfer around 100 GB of pictures. Now it is making an automatic backb up of all those pictures.

But I see the used memory of the flash drive going up a lot. With around between 1-2% of the pictures backed up, the used memory of the flash drive already is 54 GB of 256 GB.

I know if you buy a drive you don’t get all the memory available which is written on the product, but I did think 100 GB would fit on a flash drive with 256 GB without a problem.

I did look at the memory of some pictures which already were backed up, and those have the same memory size.

I don’t understand.

Hi @Confer ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Flash drives, like any storage device, have some reserved space for system files and hidden data needed for their operation. This can include things like file allocation tables, thumbnail caches, and journal data. While this shouldn’t be taking up 54 GB, it could be contributing to the higher-than-expected memory usage. also, it could be possible that your drive is creating duplicate copies of your pictures during the backup process, or that some of the data is getting corrupted, leading to inflated file sizes. Try checking the drive for duplicate files and ensure the backup process is completed successfully without any errors. Otherwise, check using the computer what is causing this issue.

Any update?

It’s possible that the iXpand Flash Drive Go is creating larger backup files or utilizing additional storage space for indexing or temporary files during the backup process. Additionally, file systems and formatting can also contribute to some loss of usable storage space. It’s recommended to check if there are any settings or options to optimize the backup process or to manually review the backup files to ensure they’re not significantly larger than the original pictures. If the discrepancy persists, reaching out to SanDisk’s customer support for further assistance or clarification may be beneficial. I hope it does helps you. I was searching for this website online because I want to pay someone to do my paper and with the help of google search, I found that website. And I also found link to your post and that is why I came here to help you.