Sometimes when I plug my fuze into my computer to charge or add media a message shows up on my computer that says it doesn’t recognize my player but then when I try plugging it in a couple minutes later it charges fine. Is the problem my mp3 or computer? If so does anyone know how to fix it. I’ve only had it since September and I really like and have not had a problem before.

Its probably your Computer. Generally this happens when you dont have propper USB Support.

Are you getting the “one of your devices has malfunctioned” balloon?  Hopefully, it will be followed with a normal communications link.  I get the same message occasionally, despite a driver refresh and check of the registry for snafus.

I think of it as my XP machines trying to emulate Vista.  I have a couple of Vista OEM disks from these new machines, I retrofitted everything with XP Pro.  (Come to think of it, the Vista CD is my new AOL coaster!!)

You can update to WiMP11, if using MTP mode, and uninstall  the connected Sansa using the Device Manager.  When you plug in again, “Found new hardware” will be your new balloon.

Ah, Windows is so happy joy joy.  Group hug!!  All these balloons! 

The burning question, why didn’t Microsoft make them happy colors, and then have them float about?  The messages in them would be fun to read while the balloons float all around.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

my computer is a windows xp

Are you plugging your fuze into a usb port on your computer, or are you plugging it into a port on a usb hub? 

I’m plugging it to a usb port

@sansafuze wrote:
I’m plugging it to a usb port

A Usb port on your computer, or a usb port on a usb hub?  The reason I’m asking specifically is that I’ve seen the error message you’ve posted on numerous occasions when usb-powered hard drives or something like that gets plugged into a usb hub.  This happens because the hub can’t pull enough power from the one USB port on the computer to multiple ports on the hub.  Non-powered hubs work great for self-powered devices like printers or scanners and what not, but not so good for usb-powered devices.

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