MacBook Pro (13"; 2011): Issue with initialize the new ScanDisk Ultra 2 480 gb


I´ve put the new SSD into Inateck and plugged in with USB. The OS X 10.11.5 wants to initialize the the SSD but there are no option to do it…

Whats wrong?



as far as i know there are some issues to initialize the ssd with some extran sata boxes like the one you are using. so in that case try a direct sata port or a sata cable direct to see if that works. 

ok thanks, I will try and send a feedback.

…I bought today this adapter but it still could not recognize the scandisk.

Any suggestions?



in that case i suggest contacting the support direct that might  have an idea

have you used disk utility to initialize the drive and format it? Can you post some screen shots of disk utility with the drive connected?