MAC OS X El Capital 10.11.6 Update

Hello, I just updated my Mac to OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6 and video files on my Extreme PRO USB 3.0 128 GB flash drive no longer play. The software freezes and I must force quit. However, I am able to view image files.

Will there be some sort of firmware update to address this issue? Could another problem be occuring unrelated to the OS update?

Thanks very much for any help.


What application are you using to open the video files? If you copy the video to the internal drive of your mac will it play? Or do you see the same freezing issue? If it still freezes when the video is on the internal drive the issue is not with the USB drive. 

Also this is posted in the wrong board. Mods can you move this post the the USb drives board?