m3u playlist generator for mac osx

I was looking for an easy way to create m3u playlists for the Sansa Clip on the mac, so I came up with this little app.

It should work with other models if they also store files under /MUSIC

What it does:
The program searches the /MUSIC-directory for subfolders, creating filename-based m3u playlists in each of them.

The app will delete any existing m3u-files below /MUSIC !!


  • Copy the m3uGen app to the root directory of your SANSA CLIPs filesystem
  • Run it from that location.

Use this program at your own risk!

Download m3uGen.dmg


It works !!! Thank you soooooo much, Nemo.

I ran the playlist generator and it did generate an m3u playlist, which played on my computer and displayed on the clip. However, I couldn’t get it to actually *play* on the clip. In fact, when I select the playlist on my device, it comes up empty – like there are no songs on it.

Any thoughts on what might be the problem? (I’m not too tech-savvy.)