line out, is there a cable?

I understand the Fuze has lineout, usually only referred to in the context of a dock. Is there a cable or the like to give me access to it or is it only available based on connection to a dock?

None specifically for the Fuze. There’s an AV-out cable for the View that works, but as I understand it, it doesn’t give true line-out with the Fuze (the volume is still variable with the scroll wheel).

I’ve actually read that the View cable will NOT work with the Fuze.  Because the fuze requires an additional voltage routed.

Some users on this forum created their own custom cables by soldering other cables together.  But there’s definitely nothing that you can just buy and use stock.

Do you have a soldering iron?

I can confirm that the View cable does not work with the Fuze.

Yes, I have a soldering iron, first need to get 2-3 of the connectors before I try it tho, dont want to butcher ones I have.