I think this would be more appropriate in the Off Topics Discussions board, don’t you?

I dont find it funny. Mainly because It shines a light on the kind of person I am. I know its a joke but I am the kind who looks forward to that type of thing. I want the newest most complicated piece of equiptment on the market because its a challange. In High School I was the nerd who started a club of engineering and computer science (mostly) kids called the Rune Goldberg Club. The purpose to build the biggest contraption to do the littlest things. Why? For the challange.

(Stops for a second to ponder the awesomeness of his nerdy tendancys)

Show me the most challanging peice of Technology on the market, and Ill show you a giddy 20 year old on a mission to make it work.

very funny!!!