Is it safe with part of the metal of the USB stick exposed? No danger of electrical shock?

I had bought a USB stick, Cruzer Glide 3.0 32GB. I inserted it into the laptop as usual, but one day I suddenly had a suspicion which come up in my head, questioning if the metal part of the USB exposed safe or not. As shown in the picture, there is a silver metal part exposed, and as I know that metals are electricity conducting, I wonder if there is any danger of electrical shock? 

Is my suspicion too much? 

Can anyone answer my question? I need a firm answer to assure myself that it’s safe or not.

Thanks so much.

no there is no problem. this is normal

Are there any testings done to certify that the exposed metal part of the USB stick pose no threat to human in case accidental touch with the exposed metal part?

By the way, drlucky, are you a sandisk representative? 

Thank you so much for answering me.

If you look at the end of a flash drive you will see the circuitry is inside the metal shield that you are referring to and not connected to the metal shield.  If the shield plays any part other than support it would be that of ground.

Most pc circuitry is of the 12 - 18v range so even if you did touch a circuit it wouldn’t harm you.

Stop worrying, it causes wrinkles.

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Yes, by common sense, I know that it should pose no threat. I just want someone tell me firmly that no need to take care of this thing.

By the way, Ed_P, are you a Sandisk representative?

Thank you all so much in answering me.

This is a user group and we are all users, just like you.  No SanDisk reps other than the admins.