Invalid file name & no folders or files showing IOS

Just got the 200gb Wireless Connect stick. 

Connected via my iPhone and iPad Pro. In both cases, tried to setup Camera Roll Backup. It tells I need to specify a destination, that takes me to + New Folder but any name I try to use, it comes back with “invalid file name” I’ve tried – Photos, iPhone Photos, Camera Roll Backup, PhotosBack, iPhoneBack. Nothing works and there are no instructions anywhere as to the needed foldername format.

Also, when I view the stick on the PC, I see Folders – Music, Photos, Videos. But when I look on the app in my iPhone, I see nothing.

Does this thing actually work?

Sounds like it may be a file system issue. Try formatting the Wireless stick using a computer. Use exFAT for the file system. 

You can’t use the Camera Roll Backup feature or create folders from your mobile device while the stick is connected to a computer. Just remove the stick and connect to it with your mobile device and you’ll be fine.

Thanks. Yes, that was it. But why on earth doesn’t it give you THAT message? Wouldn’t it be more helpful to tell people what the real issue is?

Agree, that would be nice!