install CD for sansa M230

Good day.

I have an older M230 and a new computer. I would like to give this to my son, however, I have no idea where my install CDs went. I did the “download” thing on the sandisk page by model number but nothing is installed on my computer. BUT, something did happen because all of the old songs I had on this little thing are gone! (Which is fine).

Can someone please explain, step by step, on what I need to do next. Please simple…I’m not very good at this.

Thank you to all! Have a great day!


No need for an install disk. As long as you meet the system requirements, your good. Its plug and play - no need to install anything.

or you can visit here tracey for the M200 user manual. :wink: 

My model m230 wont work with plug and play i just got it and my computer says that it doesn’t recognize it so how would i go about getting the installation disk

There is no installation disk. The m200 series is a pretty old unit, but I think it still needs Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10 or above as minimum system requirements.

Have you tried different USB ports?