info about writing/reading speed SanDisk Micro SDHC 16GB class 4


I’ve bought a Micro SDHC 16GB class 4 from eBay and i ran a test with h2testw 1.4.

The result is:

Writing speed: 3.39 MByte/s

Reading speed: 8.92 MByte/s

these results are correct for a class 4 ?

try ATTO benchmark it is free and is pretty much the defacto standard for benchmarking. the write should be at least 4MB/s

is there a difference if i run benchmark via slot card reader or via usb adapter?

thanks for reply and sorry for double topic but i realzied later that i posted it in wrong section…

yes, generally built in readers will not be high speed readers so you may not see the true performance of the card.