I need big time help ----- Sansa community

hey there

I dont under stand my problem.Whenever I connect my Sansa clip to my Laptop it shows connected.But the Laptop does not recognize it.I have tried a lot.What has happened.I am frustrated!!!Helpppppppp!!!

By the way my sansa clip is version 1.2

Sorry about the subject.

OK, did you try connecting under USB mode?  On the Clip, under Settings (press the small home button and then click down to get there), choose USB mode and then select MSC.  And then try to connect.

There are 2 USB software modes under which to connect to your computer:  MSC and MTP mode.  For use purposes, the 2 modes are similar, except that only MTP mode will work for DRM-protected files.  But sometimes, MSC mode will allow a connection where MTP mode will not.  Worth a try for you.

By the way, breathe deeply, 3 times.