I need a good, LOUD headphone!


I have an AKG K240 studio headphone, which is really good. But it wasn’t designed for portable MP3 players. I use that for other purposes. When I tried it with the Fuze, the sound level was extremely low even at the max setting.

So I’m basically looking for some technical advice as far as which headphones would be better to use with the Fuze. I want more of an “all around the ear” types, that can deliver decent (aka loud) sounds when I crank up the juice. I hate those tiny earbuds.

But as far as technical specs go, should I look for a headphone with low or high impedance? Does sensitivity matter? If so what numbers should I look for?


I personally have no experience with any headphones. I’ve used a few in ear monitors (IEMs) and have found products from Shure to be very good.

Since you already have such a nice pair of headphones, I suggest looking into getting them to work with the Fuze. A lot of people use headphone amps to power their nicer headphones. CMOY amps were a pretty hot craze for awhile. One could be built for as low as $20 or as high as over $100

Here’s a good place to check some out:


I can’t speak for the sensitivity issue, but there are two models of Bose headphones that I tried on a demo board at, of all places, the local Target store. One model has the soft leather against-the-entire-ear design, and it makes a decent soft seal.

The second model was a classic around-the-ear model, cupping your noggin on the perimeter around the ears. Both models were surprisingly compact, and delivered decent SPL…but I would love to have plugged them directly into the sansa to hear the net result.

Check out anythingbutipod.com- the board there has information on headphones.

It would be a welcome addition here if more users took advantage of the accessories forum section here, but as of late, the crickets are chirping away in there.

As great as these wee beasties sound, I look forward to more interest in that area.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

p.s.  If you venture into the in-ear design (I went from Sennheiser foamies, for years my favorites, big ones) to the wee buds, for the clarity, ambient noise isolation in the workshop, and Godzilla SPL capability.  I like my inexpensive chrome Maximo iM490s units (lifetime warranty too).  If I am up to it, I can crank up the volume and make my eyeballs bug out.  Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that, but the max SPL is indeed impressive.

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Lower impedence will certainly make for a louder headphone. I have two headphones that I typically use, Sennheiser HD-280 rated at 64 Ohms, and PX-100 rated at 32. I have to be a little careful when switching between these two because the PX-100 will be so much louder.

Personally I never saw the point of porting around giant headphones with a player the size of half a deck of cards, but I prefer headphones as well. I think the Sennheiser PX-100 or PX-200 are a good compromize between portability and sound quality.

Do some searches on tinnitus, while you’re at it. You know that ringing in your ears that you hear after concerts? I hear it 24 by 7. I wake up with it, I (try to) go to sleep with it. The quieter the room, the louder it sounds. I like listen to music a lot just to drown out that intolerable noise. Its not curable; it will be with me for the rest of my life. This will be your future, listening to music very loud.

I also have severe tinnitus and as a result have problems understanding words, spoken or sung.  I’ve tried several brands and models of headphones and the best I’ve found are Sentry 880CD.  They are large, fit over the ear, soft pads, and have volume sufficent to break any eardrum.:wink: One great feature is they have only one cord on the left with the wire to the right running through the headband (no yoke, no tangled cord).  Also, inline volume control, digital, 20-2000 response, 32-ohm impedence.  Also, the price is OK. Mine came from Big Lots for $7.99, much less than I paid for the other 3 pair I have that I can’t hear as well with.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!