I get the white screen with one file only...

I am listening to a series of audiobooks, and I am now on the 3rd book and everytime I try to listem to it, I get that **bleep** white screen and everything freezes up. I have an 8 gig sansa fuze. The file is an mp3. I have tired renaming, redownloading it, editing the tags even tried syncing onto my external drive and still get the white screen.

I know what you are thinking, its a corrupt file…but no it works just fine in wmp, amp, vlc player, and every other player I have. But for some reson the fuze just can handle it…lol

Any help if there is any available would be great, I am dying to find out what heppens next in these **bleep** books…

Edit the tags with mp3tag

When you install mp3tag, allow it to add itself to context menus.That way you can right-click on a folder and get mp3tag to open it immmediately.

Open mp3tag once you’ve installed it,  and under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg make the Write option IDv2.3 ISO-8859-1.

Whatever you are using to edit tags may not be saving them to that precise format, the Fuze’s favorite.

Make sure there is not a long Comments (blank it out) or some foreign character or graphics in there. The Fuze can freak out with tags it dislikes.

Mp3tag is the only editer I use, but I did not have that setting on the tag. So I retagged the mp3 and still get the same white screen. Thanks a lot for the help. I am going to keep messing with the details until I either get it or trash the **bleep** thing…

How about if you, just as an experiment, blank out all the tags. Then look for the file in Folders (scrolling down Music to a second page) or under Unknown and see if it plays.

Blanked out everthing, removed the cover and changed the names to keep the innocent safe…lol Even changed the directory from where I synced the file from and I still get that **bleep** white screen.

Thanks for all the help man, but I have not officially given up and have found another source to get the book again. Hopefully that source will not be corrupt as well(fingers Crossed)…

Also what is better for the player when adding files? The sync method, or just the regular drag and drop. I like the drag abd drop method better because I can choose what folder it goes into, like audiobook, podcast, ect.

Again thanks you for the help…

Some audiobooks have to  be synched because they include DRM (Digital Rights Misery) codes that have to be sent over during the sync. Overdrive and Audible both have their own player/console programs to do that. 

However, if your audiobook is plain .mp3s, drag-and-drop is fine

@black_rectangle wrote:


Make sure there is not a long Comments (blank it out) or some foreign character or graphics in there. The Fuze can freak out with tags it dislikes.

Why does the sansas even need to be able to read the Coments tag anyway?  That tag isn’t even shown on the player so it seems to me that that tag should just be ignored.  Or just skipped over like the fuze would do with an unsupported file format.

If I were you, I would just re-encode the file.  If it’s a book, you probably aren’t very concerned with the (probably imperceptable) audio-quality loss.

You might even try encoding to a different format.  I believe your choices are MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, and FLAC – I’d try them all, but I’m guessing any, including the original format, will work.

Also, the free program “Foobar2000” has two possibly useful tools:

  Drag the file onto Foobar2000’s playlist, and right-click it.

1)Fix VBR MP3 Header

2)Rebuild MP3 Stream

Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up downloading the file from another source and it works perfectly…So I just dumped the corrupted file into the trash.