How to Restore Flash Drive to Original Vault As New

Drive lets me view and download files from my vault but will not allow me to delete. I want to copy the necessary files for the vault system from the flash drive to a temporary location and then reformat the drive so I can then copy the files needed to operate the vault back to the flash drive. Do I need files other than RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win.exe ?

Stating the question another way, what is on the flash drive as purchased and before first use?

Do I need to create any directories like the “My Vaults” directory or does the above .exe file do all that the first time it is run?


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See the main page of SanDisk.



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Thanks. I figured out later the way to go was download version 2 and install it on the flash after reformatting. So far so good (although the user interface still leaves a lot to be desired). However, sometimes my Macbook will not release the flash even after I close all programs. So I have to reboot. That is how the flash got corrupted before. So I think the flash is not dependable enough to use for backups.

Hi Rosbo, the guide is actually straight forward. Were you able to complete the steps already? Just checking. 

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Please,to release your UFD, do the following:

1 - Turn off the Mac.
2 - Remove the UFD.
3 - Restart the Mac.
4 - Download CCleaner (free,, there version for Mac).
5 - The CCleaner pass (cleaning and register) to the Mac.
6 - Enjoy.

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