How to recover data from SD SDXC card 128GB showing in the PC just 31MB


I have a new SDXC SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB, 95MB/s with important camera photos and movies.

I try to transfer data to my PC, but it shows just 31MB RAW nad PC will format it.

I didn’t format it, don’t want loss data and have tried to read this SD card on other PC’s or cameras, but no success.

Even I have tried to read it using RescuePRO, but no data.

Has someone any idea, howto read the data on this SD?

software data recovery will not work for this type of failure. you would need to contact a company that provides data recovery services and see if hardware recovery would be possible. 

Thanks, but you think recovery will be possible, even if the SD card gets very hot in the reader?

One of my friends had the same issue with his hard drive and he could do solve it by his self also did not use any software afraid of losing data. So he hired a professional from “PCFIXIT” and they did a good job by recovering data. So It would be better to ask the expert before trying anything if memory drive has most important data.