How to get playlists on your Clip+ in MSC mode ---> Fixed....finally!

This has been bugging me for ages but I finally worked out how to get playlists onto my Clip+ through MSC.

You have to do 2 things:

  1. Make a playlist in your player (I use Mediamonkey) and synchronise the playlist you want in the usual way. Then you have to make sure that the playlist file (.m3u) is in the root folder and not the “playlists” folder.

  2. Once it’s on the clip, open up the playlist file with notepad and delete the folder label using find and replace –> so for example, find “D:\Music” and replace with “Music”

D:\Music\Kitsune\Kitsune Maison #6\17 The Day We Fell In Love.mp3


Music\Kitsune\Kitsune Maison #6\17 The Day We Fell In Love.mp3

Job done.

Alternatively, you could do it with FOOBAR whereby you don’t need to do step 2.

Or Winamp.

You can also place the playlist.m3u file in the Music folder alongside the music folders/file.