How to check if Rockbox has been properly installed?

I have just installed Rockbox, or at least I had intended to.  I cannot discern anything in the menu that pops out saying “Rockbox”.   That said, it seems that the sound quality is much better (I will do a listening test of it vs. my venerable Sony NWZ-S545 once that gets charged up).

Rockbox has its own GUI that’s pretty horrible. You need to look at their “Themes” page and download soome that might be nore suitable to your needs/wants/desires, etc.

Bottom line . . . if you installed Rockbox correctly, you would definitely know it. Have you read any of the Rockbox manual so you’re familar with what it looks like, or what to expect?

I wasn’t interested in the GUI for Rockbox; I chose “Classic”.  I installed it to make the sound better.  I now have it set on “Jazz” EQ, and that seems to be pretty good.  Is that EQ something that Rockbox adds?

I gave up on Rockbox.

Don’t get me wrong, I was amazed at all the features it unlocked.

I mean, it has a clock! - If you look at regular Sansa Clip firmware voice or FM recordings: No time stamp.

That’s a combination of the most trivial example, but fundamentally most important function software should provide.

But Rockbox was just overkill. And I’m someone who likes technical details.

Kudos and a shout out for the programming team that makes Rockbox. To successfully create software that goes on so many different devices, with so many different physical interfaces, and all those different chipsets is a challenge far beyond most teams. And these guys did it for free as a loosely knit bunch of volunteers.