How do you log in to see jobs to which you've previously applied?

I applied on the SanDisk site for an engineering internship last week and am currently attempting to apply to one more and I noticed that it is possible to see the status of the positions you’ve applied for. The problem is it seems that the only way to actually see this is to try to apply for a job, log into your account, and then navigate to the relevant information. There doesn’t seem to be any place to log into my job account at SanDisk. I have searched the site quite a bit in the jobs section and I have done many google searches trying to find a login page for this job account. It seems silly to me that you are required to apply for a position every time you want to see the status of the positions you’ve recently applied to.

Is there a login page that I am missing? If not, the entire process to sign in to change your Job Agent or monitor applied-to positions is awkward. To change my Job Agent, I have to find the email that SanDisk sent me of suggested jobs and click on the “(click to modify)” button, sign in when it prompts me, and then modify the Job Agent. However, even though I’ve signed into my job account, this still doesn’t allow me to track jobs to which I’ve applied. The only way I can do this is to start the application process over by clicking the “Apply now” button on some job description page and then go to that tab.

There should be an obvious link to log into your SanDisk job account in the careers section of the SanDisk site. After you’ve signed in, you should be able to see all Job Agents you have, as well as everything else provided with the job account, such as tracking jobs you’ve already applied to. (I know there are more tabs and information for this account but the “Apply now” button doesn’t work at the moment so it isn’t possible to see any information pertaining to the job account.)


Brien Elwood Washburn

that is a great suggestions however I dont think anyone from sandisk’s HR department monitors this forum. There is a career opportunities email on the right side of the page below under the additional contact box. Maybe try emailing them?