How do I get my pictures off Sandisk cruser glide

Back in 2016 I bought a new flashdrive,first one ever,and put a tons of pictures on it from old laptop that was slowly dying.been trying for a few days to gwet these off so I can view them but they come up as DAT files,have scoured the web and read endless forum posting but cant seem to find a simple solution,cant beleive this is such a pain in the a**…is there a simple answer for someone like me who has never used one before???

Sounds like you used SecureAccess to write the pictures to the drive.  To get them off you need to execute SecureAccess, sign on to it, and extract each of the pictures to your hard drive.

Hello,I can get them in to a folder on desktop but they are still DAT files and as being pictures assume jpeg format is what they should be

The DAT files are not your pictures, the files belong to SecureAccess and SecureAccess is the system you used to save your pictures onto the flash drive.  And SecureAccess only runs on the flash drive.

So, with the flash drive plugged in execute the SecureAccess app on it.  It will ask you to sign in with the name and password you used when you added the pictures to it.  Once you are signed onto SecureAccess you will see your jpg picture files and can copy them to the hard drive.


I got access to my files,when i send them over to my desktop they are in DAT format and I cant open them…Im done,assume no way to get them off…thanks anyways

When you access your files what do you see when you right click on one?