how can I save my files?

hi, I have been using my 4gb sandisk micro cruzer for years. just last week, it died on me. been trying to open the thumbdrive using several laptops but failed. is there anyway I can save my files as I did not do a backup. pls help. hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

It doesn’t sound good gerrylsw.  Try to find a profesional recovery service, I think it’s your only option.

People, always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS  have a backup of your files.  Things, whether mechanical or electronic, die, break, and wear out.

hey buddy, could be several things here, contorler burn out would be the worst that could happen. but chances are you just having an issue with the connector. data recovery shop or even cell phone repair places should be able to help you out with it.

also try to do this, it really does work if your connector just started to fail.

When it’s not able to let you sae the files, do you get an error message?