How can I load songs from a CD to my SansaClip?

I have homemade CD’s and store bought ones and cannot figure out how to load songs from them onto my SansaClip. I tried putting the songs onto my hard-drive but it didn’t work. Thought if I could get them back onto my PC then I could just drag and drop them. Thanks.

CD’s (the store-bought kind) need to be converted to .mp3 or another format that the player can read. This conversion process is called ‘ripping’. Homemade CD’s sometimes are already converted to .mp3 and are just using the CD as a storage medium.

Windows Media Player, which you probably already have will do this for you, although a lot of people prefer a better and more controllable ‘ripping’ program like EAC, dbPoweramp, Winamp, Media Monkey and others.

Here’s a nicely done little video tutorial on how to use WMP (Windows Media Player) that will help get you going. There’s also a lot of discussions here on the forum (and elsewhere) on this in more detail.

Once your tunes are in a format that can be played on the Clip (the most universal format being the mp3 format), you simply can drag and drop them/copy and paste them onto the Clip, just like on your computer–no special software is needed.  Having said that, you also can use music management software to transfer your tunes onto the Clip, e.g. Windows Media Player, Mediamonkey, Winamp, etc.  All very easy to do!