Hold volume & freezing Problems with Clip Zip

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, had a shifty but couldn’t find answers.

  1. Volume buttons are active when player is locked - is this normal?

  2. Durring shuffle all playback (using 32gb SDHC) the player often freezes and constantly needs resetting, very annoying.

Set up - Lastest firmware, Windows 8 laptop using latest version of Media Monkey Gold.

I bought the player less than 2 months ago, i had an old sansa clip which was excellent. THis is a let down. Don’t make me go back to Apple, please!


1.) Yes, the volume controls still work when the player is locked. This is how it is supposed to work. No others do though.

2.) Freezing is usually caused by ID3 tags that the player has trouble decyphering. Try and narrow down which ones seem to causing the issue, and you can check them withMP3Tag. Make sure they are in the format of ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, have nothing in the Comments field and no strange or foreign characters anywhere.