HELP WITH FAQ: How to rip CD contents directly to your player using WMP10

I have ripped CDs to WMP10 in mp3 format, then sync’d them to my clip before.  I haven’t used it in about a month to do so (was just listening to FM).

Today I went to do it, and have ALL kinds of issues:

1.  WMP10 changed my rip format off of mp3.  Had to change it back.

2.  When it went to sync, it would convert it back OUT of mp3 and onto a wmv (or wma?)   Had to make mp3 a file that WMP10 was default for.

3.  FINALLY got it to rip in mp3, then sync mp3.  HOWEVER… my clip isn’t showing the music in the music folder.  I can *see* it using WMP10, I just can’t see it using my clip.

So, I went to FAQ and it says I can rip CD contents directly… HOWEVER in Step 3 it says when you insert your CD, it will ask you what you want to do.  Well, my problem is that I have long since checked the box to tell it to “Take No Action”… HOW do I reset this so that it will prompt me?  

Or, can you tell me what to do to get it to rip/sync with WMP10?


As a follow-up… I just tried going into WMP10 and changing the directory where files rip to so that it would be my SANSA Clip, and when I click on the folder for it, it tells me “Device cannot be used. Select another folder”