help my sansa's messed up

I was trying to use a micro SD card with my sansa fuze 4 gig and it worked fine except it didnt stay in so i had to keep my hand pushing it in if I was to listen to any of the songs.  So I got a rubber band and wrapped it around the mp3 player to keep the card pushed it in but unfortunately on the other side is the turn on/off/HOLD switch so my mp3 player turned on and off a lot while this was happening.  Now when I turn my mp3 player on it says:

FAT is corrupted. Please connect device to PC and recover FAT.

When i first connected it to a computer a box came up and it was about mp3 player set up.  After a while of setting up the mp3 player(not too long liek 30 seconds) it says my mp3 player is ready to use so I unplug it.  It still says the same message about the FAT but now my computer doesn’t recognize my mp3 player or even notice that it’s connected but my Mp3 player realizes its connected.  

What should I do? (Is it broken?)

The external micro SDHC card is held in place by a locking mechanism. It’s a spring-loaded push-to-lock & push-to-release system. If you listen carefully, you will hear 2 distinct clicks indicating the mechanism as grabbed the card and them locked it into place.

You’ll hear these 2 clicks again when you push the card in to release and remove it.

If your player’s card slot does not do this, and you weren’t simply using the rubber band because you didn’t know how it works then yes, your player is broken and you should return it to where you bought for a refund or exchange. If where you bought it won’t accept a return, then you can contact SanDisk directly for a replacement under their 1 year warranty.

Thanl you so much! I completely forgot that I had a 1 year warranty.  I was gonna buy a new but now I don’t have to.

Thank you again.