HELP - I'M LOCKED INSIDE THE VAULT (& running out of air)

just bought the Cruizer 8GB and sought 2 transfer my photo files 2 it.

aprox 2 GB of files onto this 8GB drive - waiting so long, I finally went 2 bed, & WOW, it was done by morning.

my files & folders on the USB drive don’t have their names, those were replaced by serial no.s - nice going [not]!

when I click on a single photo, my Win Media Player won’t open it.

AND, I have not unplugged the drive from my PC since the file transfer - I know not 2 do that until I properly “EJECT” the drive.

BUT when I try 2 do that, I get a msg that it is in use.

This is a problem 4 me since I had planned 2 use my PC 4 various things again some day.

Also, I had planned 2 get some use out of the new USB drive.

If u can hear me out there, can u bring a crow bar and help me get out of this?

I suspect you bought a Cruzer with the backup function built in.  And I further think what you have on it are backups of your files, encrypted, compressed backups, not just copies of your files.  That would explain what your seeing.

I don’t have a Cruzer like that so I can’t walk you thru the steps to remove it but there should be a menu item labeled Help, or Setup, or Config, or Options that may give you a way to turn off the backup function or to even remove it from the device.


You’re right - it seems 2 have the ‘Secure Access’ pgm on the USB drive, as well as an on-line backup option and a storage area for encrypted & PW protected files called ‘the Vault’  (and there’s nothing on the pkg to say that these are included.

Right now, all I want is an un locked, non-compressed, no password drive to put my photos on so they will play on any player with a USB socket - like my digital picture frame viewer, my laptop PC, my desktop PC and my LCD TV.

I just deleted everything on the USB drive except a file called autorun.

I’ll try re-copying my jpeg photos to the drive with Windows drag-drop copying from my desktop PC’s hard drive.

Sound reasonable?

“Sound reasonable?”

No, not really.  If you don’t use the software to remove itself it won’t delete the CD drive function of the device.

CD drive fcn???

can u splain more?