Hello and thank you from the UK

Hi all,

Hello from a new Fuze owner in the UK.  And a big thank you for this site and it’s wealth of useful and informative content. 

I purchased the Fuze, having looked at a number of likely contenders, based on the overall opinion of the site that I wouldn’t be sorry to buy - and I’m not.

For those in the UK considering the Fuze, I would recommend it - especially if you can get it on the special that Currys are (were?) doing at £64.99 for the 8gb Fuze plus a 4gb card instead of £74.99 for just the 8gb Fuze (uh, no brainer that one)  Yes, I could have got it a little cheaper online, but it was great to have it in my hand so soon.

This site answered a number of pre-purchase questions I had, and has helped with a lot of post-purchase queries too.

Keep up the good work, and if I can offer any input through my own experiences, I’ll happily share them with all-and-sundry.



And I believe amazon UK has a few neat accessories not available to us yanks (speakers etc)

Not that I’ve seen!  The market for anything decent other than Made-For-Ipod-And-Nothing-Esle is as small over here as at your end.

I did pick up a decent silicone skin with a belt clip though - Whoever dreamed that one up actually put a bit of thought into it as it sits “upsidedown” and makes it quite easy to view the screen.