Has anyone tried the SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC C10/UHS1 Memory Card with the Fuze?


    I have a Sansa 32gb micro sdhc class 4 card in my newer 8gb Sansa Fuze (not +). The card has been in the player for about 1 year.  For the most part it has worked fine. I only have about 10 - 12 music albums; all the rest are audio books. I have had issues twice with the memory card. The first time about 5 months ago I had put some new books on and went to listen to them and the card was not recognized by the player or computer. I had to pop it out of the player and push it back in. Luckily this seemed to work ok. Last month I had the same problem almost… The computer recognized the card this time when the Fuze was connected it saw the music on the card but not the audio books. Once again disconnecting the card worked. The hard drive and the memory card are usually full.

    Sansa said they recommend only a 16 gb card for mp3 and wma files.  Their other suggestion was to reformat card. I’ll try this once I listen to all the books on the card.

  I have had no issues with my older Sansa Fuze with a 16gb card.  It has been working great for years. 

      I was thinking of getting another 32gb card. For those of you with a 32gb card in their Fuze:  I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues?  What class card do you have?  I see on Amazon some have put in a class ten.  
SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC C10/UHS1 Memory Card Sansa did not recommend it…  Reading the reviews on Amazon I know some people have put it in the Fuze and say they work…   Has anyone here tried it?

I haven’t tried setting this up yet. But I would really like to see if there’s anyone who was able to set this up already.

The Fuze came out before there were 32GB cards widely available. It should work with a 32GB card but with a drawback: you may not be able to see all the songs that are on the Fuze. Those songs will be on the card but you’ll have no way to play them (unless you want to connect the Fuze to your computer and use it like a card reader, playing the songs through your computer).

That’s because there is a limit–don’t know what it is, but it’s there–on the size of the database that lists the tags. The limit is on the total size of the file, which is to say on the number of characters.

When the Fuze came out, SanDisk just wasn’t planning on 32GB cards. 

It’s impossible to say how many songs that means because every tag has a different amount of information–that is, if your filenames are Track-Artist-Album-Title you’ll get fewer songs into the database than if the tags are all Track-Title. Or if you have comments and images stuffed into your tags, you’ll also get fewer songs displayed.

I believe Rockbox can handle a bigger database, if you want to install that firmware from www.rockbox.org. 

Also…the Fuze will eventually wear out. I’ve now got a Clip+ with a 32GB card and I can see everything on it, 31GB at the moment. My songs are ripped to 320 kbps, so I’m not cramming everything on there that would fit–I could put twice as many songs on there if I didn’t mind horrible sound–but it works for me. The Clip+  is smaller and doesn’t play videos (or display album covers) like the Fuze, but it’s hard to beat for $33.


Or $20 from dealfisher, refurbished–I got one from there, works fine.


Make sure you get Clip+ (plus)–the Clip has no card slot.

Yes, it works.

I dug out my old Fuze  (which has a failing headphone jack) and put the 32GB card in. Works fine. 3300 songs, and as far as I remember what’s on there they are all visible, but I may have missed a few.

As I said, if you have crammed it with a huge number of songs, some of them may not be visible.