Get Around Sansa's Proprietary Cable, Get the Griffin PowerDock for Sansa for about $12.00 + S&H

It has a Sansa connection in the dock, but the back has a USB mini-B so you can use a standard camera cable.

While it doesn’t have a charger, it does have a line out.

Hook this up to a USB power plug (you need this for audio from dock to speakers) and line out cable to your stereo and you have a very nice setup for very little money. 

I bought one each for my work office, home office, home stereo and for my kitchen radio (it has audio in). 

I’m even thinking about how I might use in my car. 

You dont get around the Proprietary cable, but it does minimize its use. You gotta charge somewhere. Its still a nice set up.

I’ve got a Griffin dock in the car. Works great! And two connected up to seperates indoors.

I’ve never had to charge any of the three Fuzes in my household, other than by being used in the dock, so I’m not sure what the reference to ‘doesn’t have a charger’ means.

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I think they mean that if you want to run it with power and not hooked to your PC you’d need a USB power adaptor to plug the other end of the USB cable into…

I have one of these and want at least 1 more…

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