Fuze+ with Rockbox

Does the latest version of Rockbox function properly with the Fuze+ ? I’ve read that earlier versions of Rockbox had problems working with Rockbox installed. It appears as though it’s still somewhat unstable but wondering what the latest status is, since I’m considering buying a Fuze+ and would like to install Rockbox. thanks!

As far as I have heard, Rockbox helps immensely with the operation of the Fuze+. But you’re likely to find more info at rockbox.org or ABI forums.

To answer your question, yes, RB does work well with the Fuze+  I have not updated in a while, so I cannot vouch for the very latest version, but my Fuze+ has been very stable with the version of RB that I have on it, now.  Not to say that there are not occasional issues of mine locking up, but not unacceptably so.  Another good forum of RB and Sansa stuff is Anything But Ipod.  Its slowed down a lot since standalong mp3 players have been fading out, but there are still a lot of knowledgeable people there.

Now, I will address the other part of your post.  I do not recommend purchasing the Fuze+ at all, even with RB, there are interface issues due to the touchpad.  RB DOES help, but cannot overcome the hardware problem that Sandisk built into the player.  I am in the vocal minority as a lot of people “preach” otherwise, but I have used my Fuze + for almost a year with the OF and going on a year and a half with RB.  If Sandisk would release an updated firmware whose only change was to allow users to adjust the touchpad sensitivity, I would probably switch back.  I understand what RB is and am not knocking it, but I believe that overall, the OF is better with the one large caveat:  do not count the touchpad functionality.  I know I am in the minority of that feeling since a lot of folks did not like the OF interface.  I found the OF interface to be easier to use, etc, but the touchpad to be extremely frustrating under the OF.  RB give much better touchpad functionality, but the interface is not nearly as nice, IMHO.  But, I can live with the RB interface to get better (but I still would not rate it as “good”) touchpad functionality.  Again, that is not a knock on RB, I do believe that RB does all it can do to address the touchpad problem, the real issue is the hardware shortcomings of the touchpad. 

I know the fuze+ looks really great on paper, in use it can be very frustrating to use, I would look elsewhere for a dedicated mp3 player.  I have no recommendations at this point, because I am not sure what I would replace mine with as my cell phone is company issued and I don’t want to mix personal use with company use (I don’t have my own cell phone and don’t want to carry two like some of my coworkers, so that is not an option). 

Thanks for the response. I’ve actually owned an Sansa E250, Fuze and Clip+. My Fuze has a poor headphone connection and I needed to replace it otherwise I wouldn’t be in the market.

I bought a used E260 on Craigslist recently, and although it’s a bit heavier, it is a very good player and sounds much better than the Fuze or the Clip. I put in a 32gb card and works great with rockbox.  I use it to work out at the club and listen to the health club tvs.

The Clip+ works very well on my bicycle, as it’s very small and light. Don’t think the sound though is quite as good? Thanks.

The Clip/Fuze series actually have extremely good output.

See: http://nwavguy.blogspot.com/2011/02/sansa-clip-measured.html