Fuze skips

I ride a motorcycle every day and have the mp3 wired to my communicator on my helmet.  I also have a radar wired thru the communicator too.  I have had several mp3’s that have never skipped before but somehow this one does.  I have tried everything I can think of to stop it.  when i listen to the mp3 with regular headphones it does not skip.  i know that it is related to the communicator or radar but cant figure out why it would effect the mp3.  please help! I’m at a loss and the skipping while riding is annoying!

This may not be your problem, but I had the same problem when I rode my bicycle to school.  I used  a different set of headphones and I realized that it would skip every so often.  I spent some time looking at the problem when I realized that I was consistently not pushing the headphone jack in all the way.  I thought it was in, but I still needed to go in one more notch.  since then, I have never had it skip.