formatted drive reports it "needs to be formatted"

I have an Extreme 240 SATA drive that I am using as an external drive using a USB 3.0 connection. The drive connects and works fine when connected to a Win 7, Win 8, and Mac system. But when I connect it to my WinXP system it gets recognized and assigned a drive letter but reports it “needs to be formatted” and is unreadable.

Any ideas and solutions to this problem?

what file system is the drive formatted in? it sounds like you are using exFAT. there is a patch that would need to be installed on the XP machine for exFAT support. 

Thanks drlucky I think you may be right. The drive was formatted by an Atomos Ninja2 HD recorder and the manual said it formats in exFAT and FAT32. I’ll do a search but do you know where I can get the WinXP exFAT patch?

@user10 wrote:

where I can get the WinXP exFAT patch?

From the MicroSoft support page here: