Forgot Secure Access Password

Please help me to get to my word documents. I forgot the password. Thank you. It’s a Cruzer blade drive.

If there was an alternative or easy way to recover a password the device wouldn’t be very secure now would it.  Thiefs, parents, siblings, roommates would all be able to use the recover method to see what was stored on the device making it’s security meaningless.

So, if you’ve forgotten the password, as opposed to having someone else’s device, try getting a good night’s sleep and see if it comes back to you, because that’s basically the only option you have.

you can use the hint. if that does not help you remember the password nothing you can do to get the files. they are encrypted. you will have to delete the application and reinstall it but the files will not be accessable. 

ho to reover the forgot secure access password?

@china2 wrote:

ho to reover the forgot secure access password?

Read the 2 year-old thread. Nothing has changed.