Is it possible for my 2gig Sansa Express to recognize folders that I’ve given a name to.  I have about 10 folders installed but it only recognizes a couple.  I’m not interested in identifying the music inside, just want to be able to choose a folder ie album and open it.  Thanks for any info.  my e-mail is if you want to e-mail any info Thanks again

The Express does not read folders, it goes by the MP3 tags embedded in the files.  There are any number of programs that will allow you to tag your files properly.

Sorry for not emailing you, but if this is important enough for you to ask, it’s important enough for you to check back for the answer.

Pull your email out of your post. This is a public site and spammers will get it.

how is that done?  pulling e-mail, just put it in to make things easy for folks

thanks for answer about express, will throw it away and look for a folders one, have no interest in tags, just want folders. thanks again