"File format not supported" randomly appears

In having the same issue on mines too i think it’s a firmware bug

For me, that message stays on until battery dies, and is not LETTING me get out of it.

The only thing I can do:

Mount storage to my tablet

Use “MNTCMD” to inject commands, if the tablet recognizes the device or not

This is UI and everything, copied from MNTCMD

Use this code:

/brws slt.3

/inj stp-scrn-9



/hrd-rbot slt.3

Force a hard reboot? [Y/N]





Are you sure? [Y/N]


I have this problem on 2 Clip Jam players. The new one started doing it a few months after buying.

• music will suddenly stop playing & when I look at the Clip Jam it says either “File format not supported” or “card not recognised, please re-insert”

At this point I might be able to reset or get it working again, but generally not & I have to use the internal memory. Later it will work normally again for roughly 1-5 days & then happen again.

The first player I had started doing this & it got increasingly often until ultimately it just would not work with an SD card at all.

I bought a new one & all was fine at first, but then it started doing the same thing.
I have several Sandisk 16gb class 10 cards & it doesnt seem to matter which card I use.
All my files are mp3. I can listen to a particular album one day & its fine, the next it has this problem. Then fine again - so i dont think its the files, but the player itself.

My firmware is 1.15 but I cant update because it seems to be windows only & I don’t own a computer with Windows.

I have it too.

ISSUE: new mp3 files copied from PC to Sandisk player (Clip Sport Plus)/Music folder not recognized as songs. When located in folder and clicked Play > message ‘File format not supported’ displayed.

Root cause: Windows OS applies encryption to any new folder/files by default. Encrypted files (mp3, wma) not recognized as playable when moved to Sandisk player.

SOLUTION: > Right click a song file (mp3 or wma) on PC

Select Properties
Click ‘Advanced’ button for Attributes
Uncheck ‘Encrypt contents to secure data’ checkbox
Click OK
Click Apply
Click OK to close Property popup
Copy file to Sandisk/Music folder
Check if it still has ‘Encryption’ property unchecked
Allow Sandisk player to refresh media

Result: new song should appear and play

NOTE: Same fix can be applied on a folder level containing multiple media files then the whole folder can be moved to /Music location