Extremely slow write speeds with Sandisk 200GB micro SD card in Win 2.

I got a Sandisk 200GB “Ultra” micro SD card back when I had a Win 1. It seemed fast enough when I was using it, but any time I would download games from Steam onto it, it would download a little bit then stop downloading (I assume as the SD card caught up) then download a bit more and pause… on and on.

Downloads that took minutes to the internal memory took hours to the SD. I chalked it up to the Win 1’s crappy SD slot that everyone said was slow…

But zoom ahead to now when the same card is in my Win 2 and I have the same problem! It seems to have a max write speed of 2-3MBPS. This seems crazy to me that such a large card would be so slow to write to… but is that possible?

Should I splurge and get a Samsung 256GB card instead? I’ve heard that they are known to be well made cards and should have a faster write speed. And no, I’m not really looking at upgrade the M.2 drive at this time.