Extreme PRO V90 Card error

Purchased the G9ii recently along with 2 SanDisk Extreme Pro V90 cards. Everything was purchased from B&H Photo. Both cards were formatted in camera before using.

Last few days have been using the G9ii for video and while recording yesterday in 4k 60p 4:2:0 I got a card write error. Afterwards the camera would no longer recognize the card, the screen would just read “Insert memory card again”. I could not get the card to be recognized in my MacBook, and the provided RescuePro Deluxe software could not see the card either. It’s as if the card is completely dead. I thought maybe it was just a bad card and planned to file a warranty claim with WD.

Today while filming with the second SanDisk Pro V90 card got the same card write error message, followed by a dead SD card that neither the camera or the iMac at my work will read. I have never had an SD card completely killed in this way.

2 cards dead in 2 days, can it be bad SanDisk cards or is the G9ii killing them? Going to do a factory reset on the camera as well as install the update from December. Will need to purchase a different brand V90 card, possibly Prograde, to see if the issue happens again. If it does it is likely the G9ii…

Has anyone else run into this issue with the G9ii ?

My Extreme Pro V90

Error 2

Two dead cards in quick succession suggest this could be the case. SanDisk cards are generally reliable, but even reputable brands can have defective products. Try some manual fixes from this article.