Extreme IV and Extreme Pro SD cards have same performance

I tested the number of images that my Nikon D700 could write to a 4GB Exreme IV SD card and a 16 G Extreme Pro SD card. Perrmance was the same. I then performed a Windows copy of the images to an Intel i7 2.6GHz computer with a solid state drive using a Sandis reader connected t USB 2 and the peformance was identical.

Can I make any changes to speed up the performance of the Extreme Pro card? Will USB 3 improve read performance? What abut the Nikon D700?

I appreciate your thoughts.


what firmware version do you ahve on the d7000?

It is the D700 and the rev is 1.02

I think the reason why you are not getting any performance gain with the Extreme Pro CF card is because your camera can only do max 300x(45mbs). With the computer, you would have to take consideration the speed of the card reader. It doesnt mean that the card can read and write at a certain speed, the host device will do so as well.  Using a 3.0 reader wont make any difference if your USB port is only 2.0. :wink:

D7000 is a SD camera. 

are you sure the firmware versionis 1.02? Nikon’s support page says 1.1 is the latest firmware for d7000


He might have mistyped it. Latest firmware for D700 is indeed 1.02. Also I beleive SanDisk didnt make any Extreme IV SD cards.

you’re right I was focused on the SD card. 

since this is d700 it uses CF cards and will not be able to utilize anything faster than UDMA 4 cards so 45MB/s is the best you will likely get.