driver not installed Sansa clip

I’ve got a sansa clip mp3 player but in every computer I plug it to it says can’t find driver or driver not installed and it does not work unpluged either. when the power is on it just displays SanDisk sansa

By any chance, is the Clip’s USB mode, under its System settings, set to MTP mode? If so, you might want to try MSC mode, which will work more easily. (MTP mode is only absolutely needed if you use files protected by digital rights management.) And if the player won’t go beyond its opening screen, try resetting it: on the Clip+, hold the on button down for 30 seconds or more; on the original Clip, hold the on switch up for that time. Hopefully, this will do the trick.

I am having a similar,  yet slightly different problem.  I have a clip zip 4gb.   I have a Win7 PC at work that I drag music from and I have no issues.  I have a laptop with vista on it, and I have no problems.  But my old home desktop (xp SP2) can’t find the drivers.  I have updated the firmware on the clip from my win7 PC so it is ‘current’.    I have the clip set to choose EITHER MTP or MSC and it connects to both the Win7 and Vista machines using MTP.   I manually set the clip to MSC and then my home PC (WinXP) could SEE the CLIP but the files (I have 2.5gb of music loaded) would not appear on my PC screen when I “explored” the Clip from WinXP.   After doing that, I was afraid that I somehow had wiped out the music.  So I plugged it back into my Vista PC in MSC mode and the same phenomona appeared (all files were empty)…   I then changed the player back to MTP and all the files appeared in Vista.   So  the synopsis is that I seem to be able to connect to WinXP ONLY in MSC mode and when I connect, I have no visibility to the files on the player.    It would seem the easiest solution is simply to find XP drivers but I can’t find a site to simply download the drivers.   I would really like to get the 2gb of legacy music off of my WinXP PC.  Help!!

XP is older then MTP, so by default you can’t use it. However, if you’ve kept up to date on your Windows updates, you should have it. Any reason you’re running some old, unpatched Windows other then to ensure you get the maximum number of viruses :slight_smile:

I haven’t used PC in a while but I had it set for automatic updates so I don’t think that is the issue.  Why when I switch to msc MODE and I can then see the player, does it NOT show me the files on the player.   (about 2.5gb of music).

Thats normal. You can’t see files you added in MTP mode in MSC mode (the reverse is also true). So you’ll have to either update Windows and use MTP mode, or use another PC to delete and readd the files in MSC mode.

IMO, Windows Defender problem. I had the exact problem with my Sansa Fuze and Sansa Clip. Apparently due to a recent patch or update, Windows Defender started blocking Sansa everything. I ‘permitted’ the applications, but it didn’t actually permit them. Once I disabled Windows Defender, they all worked perfectly.

The MTP driver is part of  Windows Media Player, in its later versions. Try installing the latest Windows Media Player on your pc.


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