Does your clip sway?

I was just checking out my clip and noticed that my clip sways a little. It’s not really noticable and you have to really examine it to notice it. Also. if I remove the clip I can see a small metal bar that holds the spring on the spring. One side is a little larger than the other. Just want to make sure mine isnt defected in any way.

When the clip is mounted,there is some play.It can wobble back and forth if you try.After removing my clip,I find the  mounting disc on it to be completely firm with no play.I think the wobble between the two pieces when mated is normal play by design between the clip and player.

My clip has some play (sway) in it too - was a little concerned at first but it seems robust enough and after 4 sessions this week (5km each time on the treadmill in my gym) … it’s still intact and showing no signs of worsening … dont thinks its a defect and is still very secure when I’m running.

I compared it to a well known player of similar size and the clip on their player is much more ‘robust’ and has no play/sway but I remain very happy with my choice.