Does the Clip Sport Plus work with Airpods?

Hi all,

I am thinking of getting the Clip Sport Plus but I am wondering if it’ll work with Apple’s Airpods, the only thing I could find on this was this post almost half a year ago:

Someone mentioned in it that the incompatibility issue will be fixed in a future firmware update, but I can’t seem to find whether the latest update fixed this or not. I’d appreciate any help on this :slight_smile:

Thank you!

the issue was fixed but it was a hardware issue. if you get the old version that does not work with the airpods you can contact sandisk support and they can exchange it for you with the new version that fixes the issue. 

The Sandisk Clip Sport Plus does not currently work with 2nd generation airpods.  Tech support indicated I should return my new airpods and purchase the 1st generation.

Wow, that’s a pretty incredible solution. 

Hopefully a firmwear update is forthcoming otherwise it may be curtains for the sport+ 

Do the airpods show up in the bluetooth connections, but simply refuse to connect? I think I have the same problem with Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3200’s - they work perfect with iPhone Bluetooth, and although can pair with two devices, they appear listed on my Sandisk Clip Sports Plus, however the selection isn’t acknowledged and won’t tick.

The Sandisk Clip does pair as per normal with my Boom 2 UE just fine, so all the devices work - but my Backbeat 3200’s refuse to pair with Sandisk Clip.

Hoping we have a 2020 firmware update to address this. Plllleeeeeeease Sandisk?


OMG, after 50 failed paired attempts, going for a walk and getting away from electronic interference, turning off all bluetooth devices, getting away from wifi, turning on one bud, turning off the other bud, and a Sandisk Factory reset, SOMEHOW after half an hour I have amazing sounding bluetooth music in my new Backbeat Fit 3200’s earbuds.

I’m too scared to turn anything off, LOL… Time to go for a run. :smiley:

So yeah, Sandisk, about that firmware update - at least we know the hardware works, so please please please make connecting less of a hassel with a patch!